Terms and Conditions:

To make sure that our users enjoy a safe volunteering experience and get the best possible services, PakBlood requires them to follow these terms of use and conditions. By accessing this website, registering as a donor, applying for a service or downloading any content from PakBlood, you are bound to follow these terms, else, your access to this website will be terminated. The terms include:

  • By joining PakBlood, you agree to give your personal info (health related info, DOB, contact info, residential address, blood group, age etc) and we will deal with it as mentioned in our Privacy Policy.
  • PakBlood takes efficient measures to secure your password, but if you provide your own password yourself to any third party, the damage caused will solely be your responsibility.
  • Any incorrect information provided by the member will result in termination. Check your profile regularly and update info if necessary.
  • If your presence is found to be unfriendly to other members of PakBlood, you will be restricted to use this portal.
  • If we carry out a survey, it will be recorded anonymously. PakBlood will not ask for your personal data during any survey, so do not reveal anything. If you do, you cannot hold us responsible for that.

The terms and conditions may change overtime and the revised version will be displayed here. To learn more about the applicable terms, email us at info@pakblood.com.