Want to make a difference? Donate blood and save a life today with PakBlood!

Blood is invaluable. It is enriched with useful components that are vital for a healthy human body and above all- ‘life’. While you are gifted with good health, others may not be. Share your gift with those who are suffering. Even a single blood donation is enough to help multiple patients.

Remember! Nothing can substitute blood, but the blood itself. And somewhere, someone may be holding on to dear life with a hope that someone (you!) will come to the rescue. Trust us, it hardly takes 10-12 minutes to donate a single bottle of blood, which can bring smiles on hundreds of faces and keep you satisfied by the mere thought of saving a life!

Why You Need to Donate Blood:

  • To replace blood lost due to accidents and blood diseases
  • For major and minor operations like open heart surgery, transplants, dialysis, etc
  • For the Anaemic patients and those who suffer hereditary diseases
  • For mothers during child birth
  • For new born infants during transfusion
  • For children suffering from Thalassaemia and Hemophilia
Donating Blood is Beneficial for You too:

  • Reduces harmful iron stored that can lead to a heart attack
  • You get a free check-up prior to the donation
  • Normal iron-level reduces the risk of cancer
  • You get a feeling of self-satisfaction by helping others
  • Reduces laziness and accelerates weight loss (Good news for over-weight fellows)
  • Stimulates the production of fresh blood cells
  • You feel refreshed
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